Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) Is Messy Marilyn
"It is Mr. CC birthday, so Mrs. CC produces his cake and sings"

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Who can forget when Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to a bemused President Kennedy!

It is Mr. CC's birthday, so Mrs. CC produces his cake and sings.

But Mr. CC's wishes are rather different from the President's, as when she asks what to do with his birthday cake, Mr. CC wants it 'Smothered all over you!'

Mrs. CC wears a full skirted white dress with black bra, black suspenders, black panties, seamed white stockings and red heels.

For the 1st time in a CC movie, Mr. CC joins the action by commenting as cameraman.

'This is the best birthday surprise I could have had' he says.

Our temperatures rise as Mrs. CC tells him 'I just happen to enjoy giving you treats!

Don't you just love seeing me covered in food?' she asks.

Mrs. CC continues to smother banana Angel Delight dessert over her dress and self.

This is followed by trifle, then milk as Mr. CC urges her to 'Soak yourself Mrs. C!'

Next is chocolate cake as we see what Mr. CC requests.

'That poor white dress' he says as Mrs. CC does a very good job to mess it all up!

Then Mr. CC joins the action!

See how inviting Mrs. CC – see Trailer.

Mr. CC enters and sits Mrs. CC on his lap facing him.

There is plenty of affectionate rubbing and smearing.

Mrs. CC has a bowl of chocolate dessert whip poured/massaged over her front and head.

'I think we are one sloppy, sloppy mess!' says Mrs. Cc.

mrs. CC rubs his clothed cock as he adds milk over them both.

Next, Mrs. CC receives yogurt over her boobs, then rubbed into her hair.

Her dress is removed and continues to drip the yogurt over her undie clad body.

Then Mr. CC spreads trifle over her bum, then down inside the back of her knickers.

This is followed by a carton of custard down her front and she opens her knickers to catch the custard!

Mrs. CC starts to frig herself and arouses herself easily to achieve an orgasm!

Mr. CC leaves the scene while his frisky wife enjoys a solo messy roll around. She spots some remaining birthday cake.

'Where would you like me to put my last bit of birthday cake?' she asks.

'Straight over your face!' replies Mr. CC not missing a chance to get another birthday wish!

His dutiful wife obeys!

Mrs. CC redresses and looks fantastic in her messy dress, correction – as Messy Marilyn!

As she says to Mr. CC 'A lot of mess here……...just for you!'

They finish up going outdoors still in their messy clothes (see pic below).

Mrs. CC tells us her favourite messy bits!

Movie CC42 is a great introduction to couple WAM play, running over 34 minutes.

Wow! What a superb messy couple they are!

Custard Couple! The best WAM mature couple in the world!

See our Free video Trailer as Mrs. CC invites Mr. CC to join her messy fun! Image set S347 has 105 Enhanced (full screen) shots of CC's messy play.

I bet you would like to sit in the garden with Mrs. CC dressed all messy!

In the Free Picture Gallery we show you 5 sample shots from this set.
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