Mud Fun--Dee in Sexy White Nightie on Muddy Beach
"This is a great mud movie containing what so many lack eroticism!"

File count:3
Total size:336.68 MB
Total runtime:19 mins, 14 secs
Date added:6/24/17
Year produced:2013
Product ID:WSM168
Scene ID:23212
This is a great mud movie containing what so many lack eroticism!

We feature mature lady Dee in 20 minute movie wsm168.

we open with a panoramic shot of the inlet from Milford Haven and pan round to the Cleddau river.

As you gather, we are in South Wales about 17 miles from Tenby.

Dee introduces the set clad in her white baby doll outfit with white stockings and black strappy heels.

She commences with gentle mud smearing over her stockings, then her brief outfit.

Next she mud smears her arms plus more of the nightie see Free Trailer.

As there is no wind, this is a very peaceful location.

After 4 mins the front of Dee's outfit is slicked up. She sits in the muddy area to apply further mud daubing.

Next, she rolls about gradually getting muddier and muddier.

Dee squirms about in the mud with plenty of sploshy sounds.

After 8 mins she is very muddy except for her face and hair.

Then she has her 1st muddy facial, followed soon after by a 2nd (and by a facial we mean she rubs her face into the mud!). A 3rd facial occurs before the end of the 1st movie Stream.

The 2nd movie Stream covers muddy hair, a gradual strip-off and ends with Dee nude and mud covered.

The Stream commences with Dee lying flat in the mud. She continues to roll about.

She mud daubs her hair and looks a most unusual sight.

After 13 mins she takes her top down then rolls about again to give her boobs and hair a good mudding.

After 15 mins her nightie and stockings are removed.

We concentrate on Dee's body, not on the mud.

With more than 3 mins remaining, she removes her knickers.

There are some splendid raunchy shots of a totally nude muddy Dee.

She is quite uninhibited with her muddy yet sexy fun.

Dee enjoyed her mud play (apart from the wasps).

Would she do it again?

Oh yes!

Dee another superb mature mud lady!

In addition to movie wsm168 there are a remarkable 353 images in set M205.

Who else but wsm will give you 353 images shot on 35mm in addition to a 20 minute miovie?

But these great images are well worth a look!

There are some very unusual hair shots and also very raunchy ending pics.

Take a look at the Free Picture Gallery with 5 sample shots of Dee's muddy play!
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