Sandie Gets the Sploshing of Her Life- XXX Movie
"Sequel to Xxx014 Sue first messy sex with Professor Treacle"

File count:3
Total size:230.71 MB
Total runtime:30 mins, 53 secs
Date added:5/19/16
Year produced:2002
Product ID:XXX016
Scene ID:18167
This movie is the sequel to Xxx014 Sue's first messy sex with Professor Treacle.

Now it is Sandie, the waitress, who shows us what happened in her quest for messy sex.

To say Sandie enjoyed it is a complete understatement!

I have never seen a girl enjoy sploshing and messy sex so much!

No matter how messy she gets, she just smiles and giggles!

Totally unbelievable!

This is so good that everyone should see at least part.

In those first 17 minutes you can See:



golden syrup

Tomato Soup




raspberry puree

Phew! And they are only warming up!

But movie Xxx016 continues with 31 glorious minutes of the sloppiest, messiest, gooiest all out couple sploshing and sex fun you are likely to see!

Some boast! But some movie!

In Stream 1:

We have our already sploshed up couple wanting further mess and sex games.

More mayonnaise is introduced.

Then we have chocolate sauce syrup.

After the choc sauce play, Sandie exclaims 'Wow! What a mess!' (and it is!)

Next are syrup coated strawberries (from the tin) as Sandie implores the Prof to 'Cover me! I love being messy like this. It is so sexy!' The sex fun has commenced as Sandie sucks and licks the Prof's chocolaty cock.

The 1st Stream ends with so much mess that Sandie says 'We are swimming in this!'

In Stream 2:

The Prof spots some custard and they have fun squirting this on each other.

Sandie aims for his cock and indulges in a hand job plus sucking.

She enjoys having her bum custard coated and rubbed.

She kneels up provocatively and the Prof enters her doggy style.

Sandie kneels to give his custardy cock more oral.

Collecting handfuls of slops, the Prof dumps them on her head.

He pulls Sandie down for what she describes as 'Messy Sex' see Free Trailer

In Stream 3:

The Prof cleans Sandie's pussy before covering it with 'More sticky mess', namely syrup.

Then more custard is introduced over her pussy and his cock.

The Prof massages her tits and then removes her bra and blouse.

'Nobody's ever got me in this much mess before' says the contented Sandie.

Next, she kneels up for more custard over her bum and the Prof enters her again for some more thrusting!

Then it is more custard over her bum and some fligging from the Prof!

Before he can react, Sandie tips the cold ice cream over his head!

He gets Sandie to sit on the gateau before he 'squishes' it into her pussy and her tits.

Sandie empties more custard on his cock giving him further oral.

The Prof splats her head with 2 large custard flans calling it a sandwich!

Sandie then gives a 'sandwich' to the Prof.

She fondles his cock further before the Prof gives her a good shagging.

The scene ends with both of them standing with two large custard flans, one in each hand.

We end with Sandie laughing!

This movie is an absolute kaleiderscope of mess!

There is something for every Slapstick fan!


Which part will you like best?
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