Vintage Film 3 Wsm TV-- Stream 3
"Wet, Slapstick and Messy Vintage Fun!"

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Date added:4/01/16
Year produced:1989
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Mud couple play with 'The Convict' running 5 mins 41 secs

With 2 jingles and 3 scenes of W, S and M this is nicely balanced material.

The Wetlook item, running 2 mins 42 secs features Suzanne and Carol as two schoolgirls testing how shrink resistant their school uniforms are!

It is as relevant today (with all our rain) as when it was shot on 7th December 1986 in Chester!

With Bill Shipton doing the voiceover, this scene ends in the anticipated manner!

Next, we see Bill Shipton as he comperes the 'Time for Kids' – run time 2 mins 39 secs.

Introducing 'Jess Yummybum' (played by Lynne in her sole Wsm appearance), we have a number of Slapstick birthday requests as Lynne is subjected to: 3 squirts from the magic soda siphon! (yes, there were soda siphons in bars those days).

6 eggs over her head, including some shells!

4 custard pies delivered with great satisfaction by our compere!

A large tin of chocolate sauce over her head and face!

Finally, her dress is ripped open and one gallon of chocolate sauce is poured over her bare boobs with great relish by Bill! But some terrific shots of her tits covered in chocolate sauce! Wowee!

Next, it is time for 'All your own Work'.

We have an amateur video 'The Convict'.

Shot in Somerset, this is quite astonishing not only for the content but great camerawork and top quality sound for a difficult subject setting.

There is so much to admire in this entertaining yet very messy couple play!

Our kindly girl releases a convict from his chains.

She helps him up, the chain slips, and backwards he falls into the tidal mud flat.

She pulls him out only for him (yes, you guessed it!), to pull her in as well – see free video trailer

Then we have an incredible couple mud play sequence.

An amazing mud fight, yet it is tender couple play!

There are plenty of laughs and giggles from 'mudgirl', who ends as one of the muddiest women ever seen in 1990!

They both have unbelievably messy fun…and that is how it comes across….great Fun!
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